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Multiple-choice question is an evaluation method which arose at the onset of the 20th century and it was firstly implemented through a questionnaire designed to assess the abilities of World War I recruits.

Today, after years of being used in every assessment instances, it is still an issue under analysis. Those in favor of using this method highlight its data processing speed, its degree of objectivity and the possibility to make a great number of questions to those under examination. However, there are people who affirm that this method may lose effectiveness due to possible syntax errors in questions and that its inability to include open questions prevents the person being evaluated from expressing all the acquired knowledge.

From the beginning, Wormhole has chosen multiple-choice questions as its favorite method, as they have allowed us to provide Campus instructors with fast and accurate reports on the status of their academy.

If you are one of them and prepare periodic exams, you will notice that a new kind of multiple-choice question can be used. The option of "Multiple Answers" has been added to the previous format of "Single Choice" and "Fill in the Blanks".

This new kind of question offers the possibility to target a group of options as the correct answer. Therefore, the answer will only be deemed correct when the student selects the right combination.

This means that if we have the options A, B, C and D and the right answer is A and C, any combination different from A and C will be wrong.

Besides, as part of this new feature launched, Wormhole UXTeam launched a new function: "Reference Answer", which allows you to add a complementary text to every question in the exam to be shown to participants together with the results of the evaluation.

We keep on working day by day to offer our clients the simplest way to provide online trainings, keeping the quality of online classes.

Do you still have some doubts about the new features launched? Write us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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