News of the first part of 2020

We are happy to announce that, in this first part of the year, we released 6 new versions of the Campus.

We set our goals to renovate our virtual room and make improvements to optimize the user experience. Below we are going to share with you some of the most important milestones of these first 6 months.

In this first semester, 2776 new courses were created on the platform, which represents an 86% growth compared to the previous semester. There were 562,734 graduations, almost 50% growth vs. the previous semester. And on the other hand, users spent a total of 655,354 hours, also with great growth compared to the previous semester.

Features released

New Virtual Room 

One of our objectives for the year was to modernize the virtual room on Campus. The pandemic accelerated the changes, for this reason we aim for a room that meets the needs. Today we have a beta version for a small group of our clients and, shortly, we will be launching it officially for everyone.

We knew that, from the end of this year, it would be necessary to eliminate the existing dependence on the virtual room with Flash technology. Both the different internet browsers and Adobe itself, reported that the use of Flash would be permanently blocked and at the same time support for it would be discontinued.

After an analysis of the best available technologies, we decided to use WebRTC: the most modern way to transmit live audio and video over the internet, without the need to install an additional application on our computer.

Benefits of the new virtual room:

  1. Total change of audio and video transmission technology, improving its quality.
  2. Improvement in desktop sharing, by transmitting in higher quality and better definition, without downloading anything or installing anything on our computer.
  3. Improved access for non-technical users, they will no longer have to give permissions multiple times.
  4. Improved performance and quality of recordings and chat.

New virtual room interface

In addition, we are happy to show the new interface of our room. We modernize and update the comprehensive design to facilitate the experience of our users.

Automatic allocation rules

This functionality allows you to create and manage “rules” that automatically assign users who meet certain criteria. This functionality is available depending on the type of account. 

It is a process that runs on a daily basis, selecting user groups according to rules defined based on profile fields and labels, to automatically assign them to certain courses or careers. For example: by region, by area, by country, by creation date, by new users, among others.

Download Certificates 

We changed the way of generating and notifying the participants about the certificates of the completed courses. Certificates are now generated asynchronously, improving process performance.

When a participant completes a course they will have their certificate attached in their mailbox as well as in My Certificates on their Campus. We also notify participants by email when certificates are ready.

Performance and infrastructure improvements

Due to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, our systems experienced a large increase in usage, and the usual traffic was multiplied by 10.

Being cloud-based, and having a highly scalable architecture, our engineering team quickly implemented the necessary improvements so that all the modules of the platform continue working with the quality and performance of always.

We also make performance improvements in the handling of documents that are uploaded as part of the courses, in the generation of certificates (which will now also arrive by email), and in the loading of lists of enrollees with large amounts of records.

We start the year with high expectations for everything to come, working hard on these goals and thinking about those that will come later! We are very proud to be able to share it with you, and we appreciate your joining us on this journey.

Do not hesitate to send us your comments, ideas and suggestions, as they are very important to help us choose and design our Campus for you.





Solución para Ventas
Solution for Sales
Solução para Vendas

Mantén motivada y capacitada a tu fuerza de ventas

Motivate and train your Sales force

Mantenha sua força de vendas motivada e capacitada

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Solución para RRHH
Solution for HR
Solução para RH

Da vida a tus capacitaciones

Bring your training to life

Dê vida a seus treinamentos

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