Power your Sales team

In an ever more competitive market, having a team always trained has become the differential and fundamental factor for success.
With Wormhole, LMS will constantly train your Sales force wherever you are, keep them motivated with online classes, and enhance their Sales with training.

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How much does it cost to take a seller out of your sales activity? A lot! With our technology, it will no longer be necessary to distract the salesperson from their activities for training. Simply, you can connect to any device to watch a video, read a PDF, or attend a virtual class. The saving is immense!

Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning means freedom. Freedom to get in touch with your sellers, update them on new products or information, no matter where you are. Our app Wormhole Campus allows you to give training even with only a 3G connection.

Constant Training

Create a continuous and agile training plan that allows you to provide valuable information and create communication with your salespeople, no matter where they are. Offer a unified Message to all members of your Sales team.


What is not measured cannot be improved. Wormhole Campus gives you all the tools to follow and monitor the training process of your Sales network. From a general picture of your campus to personal performance, you can analyze data and make informed decisions.

Training Course for Sales Force

Train the staff to improve the quality of customer service, turn them into expert salesmen for both
private individuals and retail Sales that require specific skills.

  • Professional Sales Management
  • Management and Commercial Coaching
  • Customer Experience Management
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The only platform recognized by AAMF, the Argentine Association of Brands and Franchises (AAMF logo)


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