Promote a culture of the development of Human Capital

Much more than eLearning!

With Wormhole Campus for HR train in a simple, integral and, fun way. Develop the full potential of your team members.

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Simple and Intuitive

Start your corporate training program in a matter of minutes. A simple, agile LMS platform that is easy and quick to implement.



Gamify learning! Discover which of your team gets better grades, who has perfect attendance, and recognize them with medals, incentives or prizes.



Get valuable information about your training plan that will help you make decisions based on objective data.


A cloud-hosted LMS platform that has Security as a primary focus. Certified by ESET and Microsoft Partners.

Easy Implementation

In a matter of minutes, start offering training to your entire team. You do not need to download plugins or software. Wormhole Campus is in the cloud.

Mobile & Cloud

Train your team from wherever you want, whenever you want. Wormhole is On Demand training!

Comprehensive Courses

Create comprehensive courses using multiple learning formats. Videos, PDF, surveys, live virtual classes, face-to-face courses, work groups, and many more. All integrated on the same platform.

Ready-to-use courses

Develop skills to efficiently manage your time, acquire techniques to give presentations, and understand how to lead a team based on the psychology of motivation.

  • Efficient Time Management
  • High Impact Presentations
  • Emotional Salary
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The only LMS platform recommended by ADRHA, the Human Resources Association of Argentina (and below the ADRHA logo)

Te recomendamos: Talent Suite

We recommend: Talent Suite

Recomendamos: Talent Suite

Consulta por nuestra Suite para HR. Un conjunto de plataformas integradas para desarrollar al máximo el potencial de tu equipo.

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