The importance of a continuous training process in companies

When creating a business training plan, not only do human resource managers have to take into account the economic cost affecting the area, but also the return that the organization and each person will receive. According to a recent study, the most important factor for 37.7% of Argentinians when selecting a job position is development possibility, even though job stability and a good working team are also important.

Not only is a business training plan important to gain employees’ loyalty, but also to avoid common mistakes resulting from lack of information. Companies with induction courses for their new employees can increase their employee retention at 85%, which means a significant saving on selection processes costs as well as an increase in the productivity of the company.

Business training is a continuous process which must be set out according to the real needs of each organization, and focus on the development of skills and knowledge to help the employee in his daily tasks at work, in a way that he can improve performance and have the possibility to grow inside the company.

Likewise, another study shows that 39.3% of respondents choose “growth” as a distinguishing characteristic when evaluating a new job opportunity. Every organization should count with a continuous training process to provide each employee with the possibility to undertake new responsibilities empowering professional and personal development.

Each time more and more Latin American companies are throwing themselves into Live Learning as the most effective option to develop their training plans. This new concept of virtual education implies focusing on the interaction between the instructor and the participant, enabling the possibility to train thousands of people simultaneously, no matter where they are in the world.

Besides gaining resources’ loyalty, single-platform centralization is essential for the staff area: where courses in the different areas and transverse training for the entire organization are developed from the same place, such as new employees’ induction or language courses of different levels. “With Live Learning, the administrator of the training plan will be able to gather as many courses as his organization may need in a single platform, whether spokesperson couching or safety and health standards courses for all employees,” explained Sally Buberman, Wormhole CEO, a Live Learning leading company in Latin America.

In multinational or regionalized companies, in which their executives travel all the time, coordination of classes and meetings is not easy. That is the reason why many of these organizations have been choosing Live Learning, since the content is cloud computing and participants can interact with instructors and partners through virtual classes just like with traditional classroom methods.

Furthermore, the evaluation of these training plans can be centralized in one single place and could be ideally integrated with the human resources systems of each organization. In this way, training results will not be lost, facilitating the execution of statistics and optimization reports for each area. It has been proven that a company which trains an average of 250 employees can save 75% of its training budget using Live Learning platforms.





Solución para Ventas
Solution for Sales
Solução para Vendas

Mantén motivada y capacitada a tu fuerza de ventas

Motivate and train your Sales force

Mantenha sua força de vendas motivada e capacitada

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Solution for HR
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