What are the differences between E-Learning and Live Learning?

It is clear that in a constantly evolving world the methods of the past are not enough to achieve the goals of the present. From face-to-face training, E-Learning and Live Learning.

In 2015, TEDx conducted a study that revealed that the use of technology in learning processes increased from 58% to 73%. This change is imminent and with its arrival several questions arise. How do we adapt? Will this increase in the use of technology mean the evolution or involution of learning?

E-Learning mode

E-learning is a learning process by which participants acquire new skills or knowledge thanks to information and communication technologies.

This process can have different objectives: the acquisition or updating of knowledge, the development of a particular know-how, the development of competencies related to the resolution of a problem and the management of the process of said development in an organization.

These technologies offer the possibility for collaborators to access, from different physical locations, up-to-date information directed towards a particular objective.

Does this learning system have limitations?

Absolutely! The problems appear when it is taken for granted that the change between the modality of face-to-face training and E-learning consists only in the digitization of the contents.

E-learning works on a false basic assumption: passing “live” content from a classroom in which real-life people interact, onto a “dead” sheet that is viewed through a cold computer screen.

The students need the content but they need it delivered in a lively, relational, social way and also, due to the changes in the mentality of the time, given in small portions.

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The solution: Live Learning

A more up-to-date concept is that of Live Learning, which allows the convergence of the advantages of distance training (such as flexibility) and face-to-face learning, which gives the possibility of establishing a good interaction between each individual with their instructor and their peers.

Live Learning allows, therefore, to replicate that face-to-face learning in which individuals interact with each other and with their instructor from wherever they are through any electronic device.

Thus, each organization can create and manage their distance courses, including multiple practical activities, a virtual room where you can share videos and audios, project documents, hold discussions, among others; and allows, at the same time, to record the entire course.

Live Learning benefits

  1. It allows you to free yourself from the restrictions of time and space
  2. Adapts to different rhythms
  3. It is flexible
  4. The trainings are divided into modules, which facilitates the assimilation
  5. Offers the ability to convey a unique message
  6. Facilitates cost savings
  7. Helps to improve the image of the company
  8. Facilitates internal mobility
  9. It is easily accessible
  10. Allows better reactivity

Live Learning is a new virtual learning methodology that allows replicating the interactive experience of face-to-face education. Access live content, exams and classes from any mobile device or computer, simply with an Internet connection, with an emphasis on the Culture of Learning.

For more than 10 years we have helped develop business skills in more than 10 countries to achieve a culture of development of human potential.

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