New feature! Multiple Roles


We know that today’s participants might be tomorrow’s teachers. Well, of course, we all have things to learn, and things to teach. Also, those who manage your Campus might also have the need to take courses, or maybe they are great teachers! So, this new feature allows users to hold multiple roles simultaneously.

A single user can be an administrator and take courses as a participant, or teach, or act as instructor assistant.

This allows different roles for a user in one subscription as well as in different ones independently.

How it works?

To opperate with each role we have different views:

  • Learn corresponds to the participant rol, and here the user can access to the courses where he is assigned with this rol.
  • Teach is for the teachers and assistants, and both can access to the courses where they have those roles. For these roles the administrator can edit some permissions, and the view will show only what the administrator allowed.
  • Manage Here the administrators can perform alla the management tasks.

If the user has only one rol, he will directly access to the one that belongs to this rol. But if he has multiple roles he will be able to switch between them depending of the tasks that he needs to perform. When entering for the first time he will select any of them from this menu:

Then to switch between the visualizations he will use the that opens when clicking the user name.


From a mobile device this is located inside the dropdown menu at the top.


How to asign roles

An administrator when creating a new user will directly choose the desired rol, clicking on “create” and selecting from the menu: administrator, student, teacher or assistant.


Then, when filling the user information, he will be able to asign other roles using the menu that pops out when clicking “edit roles”.


It´s also possible modify or assign other roles at the user´s profile.

To track better this information, we separated it at the user´s profile, so we have this two sections:

  • Selecting Courses assignment we access to al the courses that the user is assigned to with the different roles.
  • And inside Academic historial it´s all the information of the courses where the user was assigned as participant, from the beginning until the time.

Our next step of this version will be to add new user roles to expand the possibilities of managing permissions.

We believe this features bring more flexibilities and new possibilities of use, hope you can take advantage of it!





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