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Thoughts about our identity as a company and our objectives.

We all, sooner or later, ask for ourselves who are we. It´s a deep question that we ask in several moments of our lives and that, surely, has different answers depending on the stage and the circumstances in wich we are at the moment.

“Who are we?, who am I? They are two, but they come from the same question that all of us can have about ourselves, our careers or our companies. Here at Wormhole, a little because we turned 10 years old or because it was time to do it, we came back to this matter once again.

In fact, although we continue trying to be better, and offer a better service and products, we took some time (almost a year) to find an answer for us. An exercise whose answer allows us to go back an redefine our north, our course.

After writing a lot, arguing, thinking, sleeping, thinking again and speaking even more, we came to a conclusion. We wrote a “Manifesto”, an inspiring statement that describes the essence of our brand:

We know that the ways of sharing knowledge are changing, and we are part in these digital transformations.

We are engaged with companies and organizations that search for growth
through their people.

Wormhole is your ally for the development of the human potential.

This “Manifesto” is part of the renewal of our brand identity, that is not just an aesthetic change. Whit it we affirm our commitment with companies and organizations that want to grow through and with their people. Our solutions allow not just training, but also managing and developing the human capital. We believe that the development of the people is the growth of the organizations. We know that the digital transformation simplifies and allows this development, even economically and improving the use of time.

Every time that you see something ours, we want you to perceive a technological company looking for innovation. Our new logo is a dynamical expression of the concept of connectivity and exchange of knowledge in the digital world. The gesture of the lines and its colors gives agility and transmits this dynamism, because we develop in an environment of constant movement.

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We hope that you could share with us this moment of changes and new definitions.





Solución para Ventas
Solution for Sales
Solução para Vendas

Mantén motivada y capacitada a tu fuerza de ventas

Motivate and train your Sales force

Mantenha sua força de vendas motivada e capacitada

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Solución para RRHH
Solution for HR
Solução para RH

Da vida a tus capacitaciones

Bring your training to life

Dê vida a seus treinamentos

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