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For centuries, the traditional educational system had determined the effectiveness of formative processes through a single metric: passing or failing, as the only evidence of progress in learning. Accordingly, a poor result, the product of a stressful day, determined if the individual was acquiring the knowledge the way the company or institution desired, or not.

With virtual education breaking into the world, and technology progress, the scope of quantitative data has embarked on a new dimension. The time spent in a course, the interaction between participants and content, the participant interest shown towards knowledge, attendance, and the speed with which the participants "consume" information are signs of progress as important as - or even more than – the test grades, so that it loses the monopolistic role it usually played as a sign of improvement.

Therefore, formative assessment rather than quantitative assessment became the methodology to improve the results and the quality of education, and implied a benefit for those who took part in any training process. In Wormhole, we are up to date with the new technological trends; thus, we have incorporated a new interactive analytical function by means of a panel where administrators, instructors and participants can see the metrics of the performance of their virtual academy.

The details of the benefits of this function for all the members of your project are the following:

  • Formative assessment. Possibilities for instructors.
  • Analyze the performance of the virtual academy
  • Identify the students with the best and worst performance
  • Foster participation and commitment among participants
  • Discover the effectiveness of the training program
  • Encourage the interaction of participants with the content
  • Analyze a specific period of time in detail
  • Draw up corrective strategies based on reliable statistical data
  • What are the benefits for the training participant?
  • Get to know the total time of their activity in the virtual academy
  • Discover their academic situation
  • Quickly visualize the number of completed and unfinished courses
  • Gain access to their attendance average to on-site and virtual classes
  • Schedule the next virtual classes

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