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The end of the year brings the opportunity to think about new goals, design new objectives, rethink our experiences and make a balance of what we have learnt. However, in our eagerness to think in the following step we lose sight of the importance of the path followed...

As a company, we understand that life is a process and happiness is only achieved when we enjoy each of its stages. The prime of life comes when we are thankful for what we have achieved, instead of desiring what is yet to come. Therefore, before diving into 2016, we have decided to take some time to express how thankful we are for how much we have grown:

  • "It's been a beautiful year, with a lot of new people joining the teams. We've been able to enjoy several technical challenges necessary to cope with the growth of the company."

    Andy L. - Research and Development
  • "I feel thankful for the opportunity of being part of Wormhole, a young company, where we have the chance to grow together, where human quality is highly appreciated and where I've been able to learn a lot."

    Jackie - Sales Developer
  • "It's been a wonderful experience to lead Project Brazil in my own country, with the satisfaction of having gained the first of many new clients."

    J.P. - Chief Sales Officer Brazil
  • "I'm truly thankful for the group of people with whom I work (both inside and outside my team); since they add the energy needed day by day to keep on improving. It's been a year of a lot of work and professional growth, not only individually, but also in group."

    Nico P. - Research and Development
  • "I'm very grateful because the team is enlarging with such a good human quality, making me feel like at home every day. Besides, Customer Service drives its daily goals to be not just a team which solves problems, but to be a team that is chosen in spite of that. We've launched the first NPS survey with excellent results. We've managed to integrate with other areas through reports and management systems, improving our own processes."

    Belu C. - Customer Service
  • "The new challenges and the working team have helped me to improve both professionally and personally. I'm truly happy with the achievements we've had this year."

    Mariano - Research and Development
  • "I'm very happy for having started Portuguese classes and improving my English knowledge."

    Andy B. - Research and Development
  • "It's a great joy for me to know we've closed our year with an increase in the amount of clients of 128%."

    Adrián C. - Inside Sales Responsible
  • "I'm very glad because I've managed to make my team work every day without me; even when I'm not in the office because I'm traveling, each one of them knows what they have to do and undertakes the corresponding responsibilities. I'm very proud because they all work consciously, knowing that each task, as small as it may be, has a direct impact on the quality of our results."

    Pablo A. - Research and Development
  • "We're very happy because 2015 has been a year full of technological challenges. We've launched a mobile app in our platform, through which all our users can enjoy their virtual classes and, at the same time, every instructor can offer their classes from their devices. Besides, Wormhole Campus has been largely improved for every user, including the launch of a new panel of statistics through which administrators can see a report on the performance of their virtual academy."

    Hernán N. - Research and Development
  • "I feel very grateful for the amazing group of people forming Wormhole, the collaboration and the working team, the good energy that every co-worker offers makes me have a good time every day. In the content development area, we are very happy for having complied with demanding deadlines, but especially for the high quality of the product delivered. And, with respect to the product, I'm very glad to see how the usability is constantly improving. We've developed a product with a good interface, easy and comfortable to use, without abandoning its complex side. This is our challenge: make complex products that are perceived as simple by our users."

    Emi H. - Design and Usability

It is a pleasure to have the chance to share the path followed by the company with the people to which our services approach the desired knowledge. Thank you because your learning is our inspiration!

Happy 365 new opportunities!

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