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2016 number above the clouds

These are the last working days of the year and everybody is euphoric at the office, but something is happening to you between meetings and during lunch time... You're invaded by a strange melancholy. You realize that it is time to stop and close a stage. You cannot avoid thinking what happened during the whole year and your mood is divided between disappointment for the expectations not achieved and the desire to improve to arrive at new goals. You are on suspension dots arising from the achievements obtained and all the curves shaped by obstacles in the middle of the way.

We tend to think that having dreams and objectives is something really easy, in fact, we nearly dream all the time, and dreaming makes us feel like living, but not every people accomplish their dreams or arrive at the desired destiny. We search for inspiration trying to reflect the life of our heroes (our Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Angela Merkel) to shape new horizons. But, at the same time, some questions appear as an echo in our most insecure side: What do they have that I don't? Why don't I have the same possibilities?

To help you answer those questions by yourself and arrive at that destiny in your own way, we want to share with you the messages below that have helped us in our path as a company:

  • Closing

    Closing a cycle means learning from the mistakes of the past; abandoning them and investing in things that move you, that make you go forward. It is necessary to have the courage to do it, because you'll have to overcome critics and others' discredit.
  • Motivate

    Successful people were always forced to fight to accomplish their dreams, but the most important thing is that they knew for what it was worth fighting for, which means that they had the motivation and totally believed in their ideas and projects. Do you know what motivates you? Do you fight for your dreams?
  • Convince yourself

    Having motivation means knowing "why", but it is not enough if you don't believe that motivation is true. Those who did the most for the human kind suffered the most terrible adversities, but they did not give up. Why? Because they had strong convictions. Conviction persuades, moves you and gives you a purpose when you are beaten up.
  • Ask for help

    Fighting for your dreams is not doing "everything" to make them come true. Instead, it means rolling up one's sleeves, breathing deeply and going out to battle. It means working hard and studying. It means correcting mistakes, trying to be tidier, honoring promises and, often, forgetting about pride and asking for help.

We hope these tips help you to think about the new upcoming cycle. We wish you achieve many other dreams next year!

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