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How many times have you felt frustrated thinking about how hard it is for you to learn compared to your partners? Or how many times have you spent in front of the bibliography of your courses and, at the time of the exam, your nerves make you forget everything?

We totally understand you! That is why we have decided to gather these simple but fundamental tips that will help you to improve your memory, and you will be ready to pass all your exams, both for your on-site or virtual classes:

  • 1. Visualize!

    Illustrate graphically the content that you need to memorize, associate the concepts with photos or graphics. Remembering images is easier than remembering written information.
  • 2. Memories are associated with context

    The theory of state-dependent memory states that our ability to remember certain situation or concept depends on the emotional or sensitive state we were experiencing when living that situation. For that reason, an excellent way to remember the content of your classes is to study while you drink or eat something, such as a chewing gum. So, when taking the exam, eat again the same to wake up your memories. Use the sensations as memory triggers and you will be amazed at the results.
  • 3. Connect ideas

    Create relations among the concepts to study and ideas that you find interesting. In this way, your brain will create a mental route among the academic concepts and each attractive idea, so that the memory of the concept you need to memorize will come up.
  • 4. Create stories

    Turn data and concepts into stories or songs. By nature, we are mad about stories, so this resource will help us to create empathy with the study material and discover the structure and elements related to each topic.
  • 5. Create acronyms

    Give words to the initial letters of the important titles of your study material, or whenever you need to memorize lists of elements. Repeating these words is an excellent way to fix knowledge in your memory.

Apart from following these tips, complement your daily routine with a good diet, physical exercise and adequate resting, since in this way, you will improve the source of oxygen of your brain, facilitating your memory processes.

Good luck with your exams!

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