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Several of companies make the mistake of presuming that the investment in professional training is just another way to conceal the training deficiencies of their employees. However, recent investigations regarding business training, performed by human resources institutes, have discovered that implementing a business training program in your company can be more difficult than expected.

If you want to invest in business training, you must align it with your business strategy. This way, the investment will have the expected results and it will be closely related to the increase in productivity of your company.

To achieve this alignment, you must bear in mind the following:

  • Continual Update:

    Technology advances at the speed of light and professionals must be constantly updated. Many times, universities cannot cope with those changes in technology or keep up with market rhythm. In this case, using a distance training platform can be the best choice, because it sets technology as a prerequisite for professional training and its dynamism guarantees the training will be executed in spite of the limits of time and space.
  • Specific Professional Qualification:

    There are different kinds of technical and specific skills, known as "hard skills", which can only be learned inside the labor market and the very same companies. Therefore, your company will have a key role in guaranteeing the qualification of professionals already on the market.
  • Talent Retention:

    Assessing and measuring results of professionals during trainings will allow you to discover and encourage the value of talent development in your company. This way, it is important to invest in trainings that go beyond the technical aspect, such as those focused on emotional intelligence and leading practices. Training leaders is essential because they are the ones who encourage team development at their maximum potential and make others follow the mission of the company.

Don't waste more time! A business training in line with your business strategy is what your company needs to grow and improve.

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