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How much subjectivity surrounds the word "intelligence"? We have reached a moment in intellectual evolution in which we can tell the difference between skill and competencies, competences and knowledge, and knowledge and information. All that implies knowing that intelligence can be materialized in different ways, depending on the person, the needs and the context.

Do you know that professional success is closely related to emotional intelligence? Do you know why?

It is because the use of emotional intelligence is the best way to become part of a collective effort. Just a moment would be enough to think of who you would trust in your company in times of extreme pressure or situations in which more demanding tasks requiring group work are assigned. Your answer must be: an emotionally intelligent person.

Emotionally intelligent people can identify their own emotions when triggered and when people know the dynamic of their own feelings they become capable of controlling and channeling them when appropriate, adapting to every specific situation that may arise.

Besides, when we develop such level of emotional control, we also learn to identify the feelings of the people surrounding us. That's how we manage to understand the potential and the limitations of our working partners and we become capable of showing empathy for them, and thus we can encourage them to practice motivation and gratitude exercises, guiding them to discover their own tendencies.

Encourage the emotional skills of your employees!

To have a more humane and efficient organization, you should invest in trainings for the development of emotional content; there are several professionals in the field devoted to offer that sort of courses. Don't be afraid of creating socialization moments and environments both inside and outside your company, this way your employees will be in contact with each other and their innate sense of empathy will be triggered, knowing themselves and those surrounding them.

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