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There are at least 10 open windows on the computer screen. The e-mail pending to be finished, a YouTube video about cars, the Facebook chat, several digital newspapers, Twitter, work reports, an unfinished purchase on MercadoLibre and... your online class. This is one of the typical scenarios of the modern professional, immersed in the digital era, a world yield to multitasking. In this context, there is an inevitable doubt: How to keep the contemporary professional's attention in my online trainings?

We explain it to you with 3 tips:

  • 1. Chat

    The chat is an extremely important tool in an online class, not only because it enables the interaction among participants, but also because it allows you to keep an eye on the level of attention and the class adherence. However, participants often abuse of it, chatting all the time during explanations, causing distractions and lack of focus. If you want to avoid that type of situation, it is advisable that you should be the principal mediator in conversations. When making an explanation, it will be often necessary to close the chat and give individual permissions or allow the use only during key moments that call for interaction.
  • 2. Windows

    Try not to use too many boards on presentations and links which remained open during the whole class. Resources to give examples and make investigations are very important, but if you overdo this, they can be a double-edged sword and generate confusion diverting the focus from the main topic.
  • 3. Content

    Try hard to prepare the content of your virtual classes. To keep the attention of your students, you should use appealing, legible and dynamic materials. Use images, videos and avoid too long texts. You can include questions and answers in your presentations, graphs, explanatory topics and even games. Think that your material should always generate engagement and the direct answer of your students.

In order to keep this impetuous and dynamic generation's attention, it is important to bear in mind the way in which your audience thinks. Practicing this empathy exercise and preparing material specific for your virtual class, you will captivate the constant attention of your students and will inspire all the participants.

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