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Now, presenters will have the possibility to have access to new and improved features from their mobile devices, so that their classes will be similar to what they can nowadays do from their computers.

With the new Campus App will be able to:

  • Record online classes.
  • Give permission to participants to leave comments on the public chat.
  • Show videos, images and presentations in multiple extensions, changing your view and also participants'.
  • Have autonomy to use and manage each of the boards.
  • Make lines, marks and notes on documents.
  • Close the classroom.

Now you know. With Campus App will be able to give classes, contact your participants and manage their knowledge from any mobile device.

Download the app here:

Get it on Google Play Get it on Itunes

And now, what if you tell us from where in the world are you using Wormhole Campus?

Where do you Wormhole?
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