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If you are a beginner in the use of e-learning platforms and desire to profit from the new investment, you must have already wondered the following: What is the essential criterion to implement Virtual Learning programs in my organization?

It is a criterion common to every area of your organization: planning.

Planning means defining the reasons, requirements, objectives, time and cost of the implementation of the online training program. In other words, it involves putting on the table the why, how, when, what, how much and every other matter involved in the process. Following this criterion, you can start to design the fundamental strategies to find solutions to the problems of your company.

For example, during planning you will be deciding if you are going to organize an internal team for the training or to outsource it. You will also be deciding if you are going to develop your own content or use courses previously made by others. This way, you will find several aspects to take into account at the time of setting up your e-learning strategy. Each organization must find the best path to follow according to their internal culture and the subject-matter of the organization.

Whatever the path chosen may be, implementing the virtual training in your company will even be simpler if the platform chosen complies with the basic requirements set forth by modernity. For example, that all resources of the platform must be integrated and in harmony with the devices compatible to every other one in computers, smartphones and tablets, because, this way, using the resources of the platform will become a habit among participants.

Therefore, going for virtual training is the best way to provide an education adapted to market changes and tendencies and keep up with the fast evolution of the cognitive process of the digital era. Due planning of the training program will basically come from the use of the web to organize the training without problems of time and space, with flexibility in the use of the programs and a daily follow-up on participants' performance.

Now you know, you should not save your effort or your ideas at the time of training your staff. The proper planning allows online learning to cope with the requirements of every organization!

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