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You can now access your online classes from any mobile device, Android or Apple!

Whether you want to log into your scheduled online classes or participate in debates in general classrooms, with our mobile App you will be able to access the virtual classroom with the same user and password of the web and interact live with instructors and participants.

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Now, you can enjoy the virtual classroom from your cell phone or tablet, personalize it with logos and wallpapers of your organization, send questions and opinions in real time through chat and work with uploaded documents and presentations, making pinch-zoom on the screen to avoid missing any detail of your content.

We have developed our App for you to connect at any time and from anywhere in the world, no matter your connection bandwidth. And the most important part is that, in just a short time, you will be able to enjoy every tool of the Campus on your tablet or cell phone.

Download "Wormhole Campus" App:

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And, would you tell us in Twitter from where in the world are you using Wormhole Campus?

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