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Blended learning is known for being an efficient teaching method, but if you do not combine on-site classes with virtual classes in a correct way, your students will feel confused and frustrated. A correct use of Live Learning tools will let you follow the teaching career you desire. Grab a pencil and a sheet of paper and take notes of the following concepts:

  • Specific Criteria

    Both modalities, on-site and virtual, should be guided by clear and specific instructions allowing students to comprehend what they should do when they attend classes and when they are in front of the computer.
    In general, in on-site classes, students exclusively depend on the direct guidance of the instructor, while virtual classes allow more autonomy on students' important that instructors stimulate them to have a critical vision of their activities and the way they approach content. This is why it is extremely own teaching process, appropriating independent content of the teaching stage.
  • Unified Content

    Blended learning will not work if on-site class material is not closely related to that of the virtual course. Thus, although each modality has a specific function, you should succeed in making content complement and follow a single purpose. The best way to make such relation is unifying content; this means that the subjects discussed in on-site classes should also be used in virtual classes, applying the typical resources of each modality.
  • Not everything has to be On-line

    What does it mean? That you have to consider that distance classes can use technology that does not need Internet connection. Enlarge the amount of tools you use and create new possibilities with additional material, like games, e-books and digital programs designed for education.
  • Discipline Leads to Success

    Blended learning contributes to saving time and money, but if students are not guided closely by their instructor, courses can be a failure. This may happen because contents are closely related, as they depend one on the other, and if students are not aware of this relation, the expected results may not be achieved. Therefore, it is important that students acquire the necessary discipline to comply with on-site class schedule and do not neglect the homework of virtual classes.

Select the best of each modality through blended learning and you will see how your courses become more dynamic, and thus... Your students will be more interested!

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