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Do these phrases ring a bell? "Now, everyone prefers videos", "in the digital era, people are less tolerant to long written texts", or "one image is better than one thousand words". There is a secret behind these phrases, and it is...

...That, nowadays, more than 6 billion hours of video are visualized every month through YouTube; this equals at least one daily hour per each inhabitant on the planet, so: Are videos a simple way of distraction, or is there a series of pedagogical possibilities behind them?

Just like everything in life, there are certain benefits. Look at some of the positive applications for learning.

  • According to Dra. Susan Weinschenk's investigation, each time somebody tells us a story, our brain reacts as if we were the main characters in that event; thus, using videos is an excellent tool to call students' attention and keep them entertained during virtual classes. By using short videos with interesting stories you will manage to keep your students interested in the subject of your courses and even build an emotional connection with your content, which will allow them to bring into practice what they have learned in a more natural way.
  • Videos are an excellent way to apply complex concepts, since with them you will be able to deliver your content in a more pleasant way and offer your students a materialization and visualization of your abstract content to facilitate understanding and processing information, and thus, you will manage to make it more digestible for participants.
  • Our brain memorizes faster with repetitions, this is why using videos to fix the information taught orally in your classes will allow your students to memorize your content faster. Besides, the information shared through videos becomes easier to remember through the different resources of audiovisual language.

Now you know it. Let the production of entertained and dynamic videos be more than a dream, but a wish that follows a recipe. You can contribute to keeping virtual education growing at the hands of Live Learning!

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