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With technology demonstration, it is every time more common to see teachers including audiovisual content within their pedagogical tools. However, besides following a tendency, do you know what the advantages of including images and videos in your virtual courses are? Don't worry, we'll tell you right here.

  • Facilitate the teaching and learning process

    The images and videos are a tool for expression, registry, presentation of results or exhibiting investigations, thus instead of using them as a decoration for your courses, you could apply them as didactic elements that help you through your training process. Use them as a tool to explain abstract or difficult content, keep your students awake and stimulate their imagination, creativity and emotional connection.
  • Stimulate a critical view of reality

    Audiovisual content is an excellent way to promote a change between a quick look and a detailed and critical observation. It is not about entertaining your students or making them see things prettier, but about using the images, still or in movement, as a pedagogical strategy that enable them to develop a critical position towards the indiscriminate consumption of massive media and the Internet. Teaching to see means decoding and comprehending, and this is achieved through the creation of questions that help to establish a conversation with the image, look into every element that compose it to deeply understand it and judge it.
  • Improve memory

    Analyzing images is an excellent memory pill, since it involves activating former knowledge that enable us to grasp the meaning of what we are observing, so memories of the things we learned or taught in other moments of our life come to our head.

Sadly, in spite of the large presence of images in training manuals, the most usual scene is that students do not count with the necessary tools to understand and learn from them, since the very same teachers reduce the importance of this tool basing their classes in the use of the spoken word. Therefore, some of them do not even register the audiovisual element and others just take them as a decoration without relating them to the academic process, reducing their value and categorizing them as a source of useless information.

Let's be revolutionary, forget customs, transform our training processes through the use of innovative tools guided by our creativity. With technology, your mind is the only limit!

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