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Collaborative learning is the best way to make students assimilate knowledge and enable them to use it to solve situations in the professional field. Now, imagine, what could happen if we add technology to this methodology? ... let us tell you:

Through collaborative learning mixed activities, students not only acquire new information, but also grow at a personal and social level, since every member of the group undertakes responsibility for building their own knowledge and, at the same time, building collective knowledge, which reduces isolation feelings, strengthens group bonds, and eliminates self-sufficiency and, thus, triggers shared commitment due to the results of the group. This way, it's important to apply the pedagogical tools offered by the digital world, such as the discussion forum and the virtual room, to generate debate spaces, in addition to the simple group task assignment.

Besides, the assertive guidance of the teacher is essential, since he is the one in charge of encouraging the gathering of balanced and dynamic groups, in which the best skills of each member should attend and be exploded to reach shared objectives. Furthermore, his role also involves selecting the information the students download through the Internet, guiding and promoting the use of technological tools, to show he understands the evolution process to which technology is leading education.

It's important to highlight that the results obtained in group would not be reached individually, that's why collaborative learning, added to the use of technology, is very successful within the framework of corporative education, since it is turned into a key strategy to increase productivity minimizing time loss.

The major challenge of virtual education is to accomplish motivation and active participation of students; this is why Live Learning is the appropriate solution for your projects.

Let's keep on using technology to build knowledge!

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