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Measure learning during the training process and not at the end of the course. You are not going to read just this sentence and skip to the next note, are you? What would be the best way to implement this kind of evaluation? There are three key indicators to do this. Here we tell you.

  • 1. Levels of Evaluation:

    The first step to gain a clearer understanding of the scope of the training and the total success of the results involves making and evaluation at the levels of: Thematic Relevance, Job Application and Impact on the Company. Thus, you'll be able to critically measure each part of the training process and alter the route taken when necessary.
  • 2. Inquiry:

    Make inquiries at each level of the training process can be an efficient way to evaluate the professional relevance of the program. It is also a subtle way to verify if participants are applying the content on the job or if there is a change of behavior. This is made with simple questions, such as: "How can you apply this information in the job?" or "How can the new knowledge help you develop new skills?"
  • 3. Virtual Forums:

    Its application can be an excellent tool, because it offers a space to propose discussion subjects, analyze the application of the learned concepts, or to share concerns and solve doubts. Besides, several times, participants end up creating a discussion theme out of the training schedule, so forums prove the active participation of employees in training.

Think critically, set objectives and improve day by day, because daily learning lives the most sacred wakening of each one of us: motivation.

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