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The problem of having out-of-trend designs, content with endless texts and not exploring the new communication formats when creating your training programs mainly lies in that these missing items make your students lose their interest in studying. For that reason, today we give you 3 important tips that will be useful to innovate in the creation of your virtual academy.

  • 1. Include hyperlinks in your content to generate links with similar material.

    Instead of using standard link buttons between pages, or completing Power Point presentations with thousands of slides, include links that address your students to external content useful to trigger your communication purpose. This resource is also useful to guide and address the assertive use of the information on the Internet. Instead of becoming a retrograde instructor who bans digital interaction in their classes, why not turning technology into a resource to use in your own favor?
  • 2. Create computer graphics to make summaries of your lessons.

    Cleverly designed graphic information is better observed and processed by the brain because the use of graphics speeds up the assimilation of complex concepts. Think about all your students that go online to study from their tablets or cell phones, on which reading long texts is really difficult. So, summing up the main lessons using graphics, wouldn't it be an excellent way to help them to go better in their exams?
  • 3. Add high quality videos to your bibliography.

    Invest time and money in the planning and incorporation of audiovisual material as complement to your text contents, since the use of videos is an excellent way to illustrate situations with the objective of making your students apply the contents learnt in the courses when solving problems in real life. Don't be happy just by using any video from the web, be selective and choose the best quality material.

We live in an era in which most people have access to the Internet, which allow them to be in constant interaction with new technologies and multimedia contents of all kinds, formats and qualities. So, when interacting with the educational curriculum, they are more unfocused. The producers of content have the responsibility of generating material that triggers the commitment and motivation of students, since this is the only way to achieve a deep change in the way in which we teach and learn through technology.

With Wormhole Campus, you have everything within hand's reach to enhance the content of your virtual courses. The limit is set by you!

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