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That was the question Sally, Maxi and Nacho had in mind when they developed Wormhole Campus, the first Live Learning platform. Eventually, they understood that the answer is in empowering students with knowledge, through a system capable of establishing links between information and life.

To put in other words, our platform is a tool by means of which educators not only transmit knowledge but also shape competent people. Wormhole is in tune with the needs of contemporary education, which means to overcome and leave the old academic process in the past, when the teacher used to give information and the student received it passively, without room for questioning or criticism. For that, we already have the web.

Because of this, we created our virtual room, in which participants can interact in real time and share both contents of their own and content found on the Internet. Content is scattered about on the web in a mess, but through interaction, the instructor can question and guide participants critically on the quality of the information and how they can use it: to educate is to promote students' autonomy.

Another advantage of Live Learning is that through virtual interaction, the professor has contact with all participants simultaneously and, at the same time, individually with each one of them. This is a challenge of the platform to rescue those students excluded from the traditional on-site education, because now, the instructor can make sure that no student is excluded from the learning process.

Despite this, we believe that education is present in all aspects of life, not only in the class with the teacher. It is also built at home and developed with the relation among participants. Thus, in the platform, this efficient contact among participants also takes place outside the online class, through forums in which each participant poses questions, generate discussions and share projects and tasks.

Live Learning is a revolution in education because it enables learning to go beyond the classroom environment. You need to have an Internet connection and write a new topic on the forum, either while travelling home with the cell phone, or with the computer at home.

Contemporary education which inspires Wormhole is the one that provides for a new type of intelligence. A collaborative, collective intelligence. In essence, intelligence that generates autonomy.

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