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This question perfectly fits in the debate about how to improve students' performance, since generally the fact that their performance depends mainly on the teacher is not taken into consideration. There is no magical solution, but following in the new education trends' footsteps can turn into a great precedent.

What is the proposal? To add value to educators work, with a focus on knowing the greatest difficulties that they face when teaching and providing them with a solution through technology. Thus, the adequate use of this tool is linked to the curricula modifications and to evaluations and professional development of teachers. This means thinking about both elements of the learning process, educators and technology, as complementary collaborators and not as antagonists.

With the emergence of the web, information and knowledge are nowadays accessible to any person at just a click; however, the trend in education is that students should not be evaluated on that knowledge, but on their skills. Live Learning recognizes and goes with this new horizon fostering an online and immediate interaction with students, in a technological context in which it is possible to share links, videos and texts.

An updated educator will know how to make the most of this technological evolution and will guide their students in the critical selection of the available information on the Internet, so that they use it adequately.

What will be the outcome? More critic students when making decisions. The more competent the student, the better the teacher's development.

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