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Whoever finds Sally Buberman sitting behind her desk in the eleventh floor office in a building located in one of the main avenues of Buenos Aires will be surprised to hear her story of success in the field of technology. For any woman, launching a startup in an industry dominated by men is a real challenge, but for Sally, being the exception was just a natural projection of an instinct fostered since her childhood.

When she was just a little girl, instead of playing with dolls, she would rather play with toy cars, puzzles and electrical trains. Then, during the last years of high school, marveled at aeronautics, she applied for a scholarship in the NASA... And she was a finalist!

Her path as an entrepreneur began when Argentina was plunged into a deep economic and social crisis back in 2001. This mechanical engineer in blossom noticed a decade ago the need to bridge the gap between teachers and students. Without even making a picture of it, she turned that dream into Wormhole: one of the 50 most successful e-learning companies in the world.

Everything began when, amidst a job search during college, Sally found a classified ad asking for people to provide distance educational support to children in the United States. She began to give classes from home via chat and, over time, she realized that, in spite of communication limitations, children were improving their performance at school and successfully passed the subjects. So, Sally saw a great opportunity and realized that, with appropriate technology, that education method could bring out excellent results in the most isolated regions of the world with limited access to education.

Sally felt the need to develop her idea, but did not have much business knowledge and lacked the tools to take the decisive step towards building a company which, later on, would get the approval of both important organizations, such as Latam and Telefónica, and the most prestigious universities in Latin America. Together with Ignacio Frecha, co-founder of Wormhole, she began to take business lessons and make interviews to college students, and thus they discovered the need to focus on a scarcely explored market by then: multinational companies needed to make video calls, but the existing platforms were complicated and expensive.

After a lot of work, Sally, Ignacio Frecha, Nacho López and Maximiliano Menasches gave birth to the first version of the platform, through which users could make video conferences and offer online live classes using text, image, video and audio materials. The product captured Microsoft's attention and, since then, it has received awards, government grants and international recognition. The platform is constantly evolving to provide the best distance education solution in the Latin American market.

Nowadays, seven years after the creation of Wormhole, apart from being the founder and CEO of her company, Sally is an international judge in the Microsoft Imagine Cup, the European Commission E-Skills Week competence, the Intel Challenge, Start-up Chile and OEA TIC Americas, among others.

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