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Sometimes, tasks become monotonous and the company registers a decrease of results. Why? ... we have the erroneous belief that only automated tasks can lead your company to success, but labour harmony goes far beyond that.

According to a study made by Stanford University, the increase in employees' levels of happiness may improve productivity up to 12%. If you want organized employees who take short breaks, get less sick and are creative and innovative when performing their tasks, here you have three simple practices you can incorporate to the culture of your organization:

  • 1. Promote communication

    Shawn Achor, writer of 'The Happiness advantage' assures that "25% of labor success depends on intelligence quotient, while 75% depends on the state of mind and the level of connection with others", so it is very important that you create labor dynamics that encourage the development of harmonious interpersonal relationships, as well as healthy communication between the members of your working teams.
  • 2. Interrupt your routine!

    Allow brief dispersion moments during the working day to contribute to decreasing employees' stress levels. Encourage group recreational activities to improve both interpersonal relationships and the working environment, and allow your employees to have short breaks for individual distraction... you will be surprised when a great idea comes up after answering a personal call or checking social networks.
  • 3. Create training programs

    Encourage your employees' intellectual growth; this way you will show them you are not only expecting them to be productive, but that you are also interested in their personal growth. Through Live Learning, the new distance education method, you can contribute to the training of your employees without overloading their schedule.

Most people spend one third of their time at work, so if there is lack of labor harmony, they will feel psychologically tired and it will negatively affect the productivity of your company. You can make a difference in your organization, develop an environment where your employees can not only become better professionals, but also better persons. Promote happiness!

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