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You manage to make them connect with the course dynamics, but eventually you realize that their commitment and participation begin to fade away... We will tell you how to capture their interest. Follow these 3 tips to keep them focused, while they train at a distance.

  • 1. Encourage collaborative virtual work.
    It has been demonstrated that most people prefer to participate in activities that involve interaction with others, instead of investing time in solving lonely tasks, because in this way we broaden our knowledge, build up trust in ourselves and develop a sense of belonging with our community.
    Likewise, in virtual learning, it is easier to keep your students motivated, when encouraging collaborative work, assigning group tasks or posing debates that promote the exchange of ideas through virtual forums, instead of simply giving reading tasks or individual exams.
  • 2. Design visually attractive courses.
    Nowadays, people are used to receive all kinds of information through new communication technologies that make use of innovative and attractive designs. Thus, we are less tolerant to receive long and boring modules with plain text. If your online courses are full of this kind of content, instead of encouraging your students, you are probably making them feel frustrated. For this reason, we recommend you to include in your material design the greatest amount of visually attractive images and graphics as possible to capture your participants' attention. Before running your courses, invest time in "translating" all the information you have in plain text into other audiovisual supports. You will notice immediate results in your audience motivation!
  • 3. Discover what captivates your students.
    Part of our work as e-learning professionals is to discover what motivates the users of our platform and use that in our favor when creating memorable and attractive learning experiences. Take your time to investigate what the students expect to receive from your course, why they have decided to participate and what are the objectives they pursue after the training. Through questions like these, you will be able to discover what they really care about and thus create strategies to keep their attention during the entire process of learning.

Remember that, like traditional education, virtual learning is a tool to cause an impact on people's life, enriching their vision of the world, and that we all together can generate an impact on our society.

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