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Whether you are in a middle of a virtual or traditional class, re-reading material or attending a meeting, taking down notes is the best way to organize and process information to easily remember what has been learned. For that reason, today we give you 3 easy tips to do it in the best way.

  • 1. Leave aside a segment of your paper to take down notes on the topic.

    Investing your thoughts in determining which data is important and how it should be organized will help you to learn more efficiently than if you listen passively. Write down short phrases with the main ideas separating each topic in paragraphs so that information is clear and legible. Besides, you can design your own abbreviation system since it is impossible to write down everything and the brain remembers graphic information more easily.
  • 2. Leave aside a second segment for questions and new words.

    Write down the terms or concepts that are unfamiliar, so that you'll contribute to the fluent development of the online class or on-site meeting, without losing the doubts that come out. Once clarified, incorporate the new concepts in your notes and speech, so that knowledge is solidified in your mind.
  • 3. Leave the third segment of the paper to write down interesting references.

    Register all references about bibliography and videos you don't know, so that you'll be able to search information on that and widen your knowledge boundaries beyond the class.

There's nothing better than to stay in constant communication with ourselves, finding shapes and ideas that help us build the best version of each of us. Hands on pencils!

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