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How many times have we been told at school, university and even in the newspapers that the Greek public square was the first trace of discussion, exchange and exposition of ideas and argumentative lines? Known as the Agora, they took major importance and became the place to gather together and discuss about topics.

Today, virtual forums are like the public squares of that time, but at a global level. Why? Because each of these educative niches boasts participation, dialogue and collaborative work of thousands of people connected from their mobile devices, wherever they are.

With a synchronic nature, virtual forums benefit from the interactions of their participants and bring about a cultural change in the learning system because the moderator, who conducts and makes the group think about topics, rather than sharing knowledge, puts forward new orientations and approaches to the topic, so that each individual can make a deeper investigation of each proposed issue.

Besides, virtual forums improve the socialization of members, since the content takes place in a space shared by all participants who feed it with new information.

Just as the Greek Agora, education virtual forums give a hierarchical structure to usual communication techniques, strengthen interpersonal relations and assure an intense debate on each exposed topic, thus achieving excellent educative and pedagogical results.

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