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Isaías Sharon, Executive Director of the Chilean company that nowadays exports knowledge, training and talent to Colombia, Peru and the United States, does not hesitate to favorably answer us. He sits down in front of his personal computer and starts to answer us why his training program is a reference for Latin American online education.

Isaías, could you tell us about the activity of your company?

Smart Coach is an international company, leader in training services and processes and accreditation of new coaching professionals in Chile, Colombia, Peru and the United States.

Which was the need of your company when contacting Wormhole?

We had been analyzing different e-learning platforms alternatives with the aim of transforming our programs and take them to an international level, so that we could cover better our process of growth and expansion. During this search, we found Wormhole and thought it was the best choice because of its experience, support and live-learning technology, which allow our students to interact with coaches certified in different countries and promote a truly international learning experience.

How did you hear about us?

Wormhole was recommended to me by another company that had made a study on distance education platforms and regarded the system as interesting and innovative. We looked it up and it quickly convinced us. I think that nowadays it’s the best platform for our needs and it's fully adjustable to the volumes of participants that each country needs.

Which solution to the need of your company has our service offered you?

Training individuals in coaching requires a face-to-face work; however, there's much content that may be learned without the physical presence of the coach. In this way, Wormhole became an important piece in our model of growth which, in the two years we have as a company, has allowed us to pass from being a small company in Chile to offer high quality services and constant growth in Colombia, Peru and the United States. To us, Wormhole is an ally in our company's scalability process and we have the possibility to go beyond each time.

Which are the benefits that our product has brought you?

Today, we can offer training programs with worldwide standards and international recognition, with the same quality in several countries and cities. Besides, without the high quality, user-friendly platform for our clients this would have been a really difficult task.

Would you recommend us to a colleague/customer/partner? Why?

Of course I would recommend you because this supports the value generation to companies who carry out staff training. Besides, you can have all the advantages of the Internet, the possibility to go beyond borders up to your dreams.

What do you like the most about the service?

Undoubtedly, the possibility to offer virtual classrooms is a differentiated value, since participants have a direct relation with our coaches, shortening distances and being able to have access to people who live far away, but who can teach from one country to another in real time.

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The Smartcoach team

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