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We are born, we interact. We grow up, learn by imitation. We develop ourselves, exchange knowledge. Our life is socialization.

Over time, new learning theories have positioned interaction as a fundamental part in the process of knowledge fixation and construction. Many teachers have gone from recommending after-class numerous solitary homework to support and promote the creation of discussion forums, group expositions, or any other kind of collaborative work, inside the classroom. With this methodology, students feel more committed to their academic process and they have an active relation with the study content.

Traditional e-learning solutions only offer the possibility to access academic content on the cloud, but Live Learning seeks to replicate the process of academic interaction so that companies, professionals’ associations and educational institutions find the simplest way to offer online training without losing the quality of on-site education.

With Live Learning, you will be able to shape virtual campuses, create or reuse all kinds of multimedia content for courses and, besides, access virtual classrooms through which students will be able to connect with their tutors and other students, wherever they are in any part of the world.

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