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Team changes

You have taken a successful distance training and the first thing you want to do is to share all the things learnt with your working team and start to apply the new practices to your working methodology. We know for sure that this is not always easy. For that reason, today we give you the following 5 key points to introduce changes to your organization in a healthy and harmonic way.

  • 1. Set your pace. The most important thing is to have your goals in mind. Classify your learning and accurately determine what you want to transmit to your team.
  • 2. Make others believe in the need for change. Raise your team's awareness of the problems in the organization and clearly state how your learning will give direct solutions to those problems.
  • 3. Transmit safety. Generate an open dialogue towards change, listen to your co-workers' opinions; this way, you will relieve tension and build trust, which in turn will increase motivation and commitment of all team members.
  • 4. Organize change. Determine the new roles and functions of your team members. It is important for each of them to know their tasks, but it is even more important to understand the purpose of those tasks.
  • 5. Be proactive. The best way to implement a new methodology to carry out tasks is to set the example. Take the initiative and move on.

Bear in mind that education boosts learning and breaks down cultural barriers. It is the essential means to bring "innovation" and "creativity" together, and to experience the individual freedom that constantly makes us want to take things even further.

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