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Time and productivity

In many cases, the major obstacle when deciding to get activities underway alone is the fear of failure, the reluctance to discipline and commitment, or the mistaken belief that individual activities cannot be performed if one does not have a boring structured life. But, whether you are about to start your own business, initiate a distance training course or a new home office job, today we want to tell you that definitely the best way to be productive is to make the most of your time. For this reason, we give you 5 valuable key points to achieve that.

  • 1. Identify the time of the day you are more productive: Learn to know yourself and make those tasks you think are more important during the moments at which you have your batteries recharged. Once you are concentrated, you will feel like keeping on working and, before you notice, you will have finished everything you were supposed to do.
  • 2. No interruptions: Set easy targets, such as check e-mails or read WhatsApp messages during specific hours. You may be used to constantly look at your phone, but if you put this simple piece of advice into practice, you will discover that those messages do not always need an immediate response and you will be able to move faster on what is really important.
  • 3. Find a suitable place to work: For some people, this may seem a minor detail, but the design and environment of your workplace may significantly change your mood. Invest time in finding or creating a comfortable workspace in which you can feel inspired.
  • 4. Dedicate some of your time to leisure: Several studies have shown that doing something fun and relaxing before undertaking an activity that requires concentration enlarges the possibility of having success in that activity.
  • 5. Every minute counts: Reschedule your mind to understand that any task, as minimal as it may seem, when done repeatedly, can lead you to achieve a bigger objective. Learn to give more value to the quality of the time invested than to quantity.

Always bear in mind that "our time is our life, so making the most of it is of the utmost importance." If you do that, you will manage to increase your personal satisfaction and the productivity of the environment in which you have influence.

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