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Distance training

Each day, new companies decide to use our platform to train their employees and the sales force, or even to make their products and services known to their consumers. Thus, thinking about those who are behind the screen, we've decided to let you know the 5 key elements to distance studying.

  • Keep your goal in mind: Make your intentions be the route of your training, so that you will move forward with perseverance until reaching your objectives.
  • Organize your study hours: Set a weekly time to devote yourself to studying, finding a balance with other activities you do.
  • Do the proposed activities during the indicated periods: Avoid the unnecessary accumulation of tasks, help your will!
  • Make the most of the latest technology: Enlarge your knowledge through forums or virtual classes and enjoy all the interactive material to which you have access to through our platform.
  • Prepare a suitable place for studying: bear in mind that, with Wormhole, you can access your virtual courses from any mobile device or computer, so be creative when finding nice places to focus.

And... get down to work!

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