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Live Learning and its interaction

The acquisition of knowledge, rather than being a static and unidirectional process, is a stage that is enriched while the learning actors interact among each other. Understanding such principle of traditional education, Live-Learning, through the use of technology, seeks to replicate this process to create the most effective distance learning virtual environments.

Several education experts define learning as an innate capacity of the human being, since giving the adequate space for two or more people to interact with an object of common study is more than enough for inquiry to appear, which in turn will develop into new knowledge thanks to the interaction among students to reach conclusions, provide points of view, form opinions and solve problems.

Because of this, Live-Learning, through the incorporation of virtual classes in which the teacher can give the floor with audio and video to students, and even enable simultaneous interaction among them, seeks to widen and improve interaction during online training, with the aim of allowing the intellectual development of students and, therefore, promote productivity and high performance of the working teams to which these belong.

Another important characteristic of Live-Learning, as a reference for online education, is the student's interpretation and understanding of the course material. By means of the various formats that the tool supports, teachers can give any content to students, which facilitate the approach to knowledge and keep students motivated.

The different types of formats (video, slides, images, audios, among others) together with the active guidance of the teacher, will promote a deeper interaction with the material, which will lead to the satisfactory closing of the teaching process.

Live-Learning presents itself as the most effective online training method for companies, nonprofit organizations, civil associations or government institutions which seek to overcome the space, time and costs barriers of training.

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