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Virtual Learning

The debate on virtual education is constantly under development. It grows up. Some people regard this method as rigid and inefficient; others indicate that it is a disadvantage when getting into the labor market; and finally, there are those who believe in the use of technology as an entertainment and not as a learning tool.

As far as education is concerned, we believe that technology is a means and not a result and, thus, in order to effectively develop any kind of virtual training, the leading role of the teacher as a guide is necessary. As a result, we share with you 3 key functions for Live Learning trainers.

    the perseverance and interest of students in the course through the strategic use of interaction and communication tools provided by the platform.
  • 2. WIDEN
    the content of the course. Take advantage of the type of contents supported by the platform to facilitate dynamic and attractive study resources. "Keep the material alive" capturing attention to the relevant ideas or concepts during virtual classes.
    the development of critical thinking in students. Generate strategic questions through virtual forums and give specific feedback to the students' interventions in discussions.

Online courses efficacy is not only defined by the use of technology, but also by the method of teaching.

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