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Live Learning being used

Sending content to someone in another place of the world for that person to receive, incorporate and learn it is no longer a challenge. Neither is it to optimize time through the use of new technologies. No. The traditional e-learning system has stopped being the online training parameter per excellence, because learning leads the distance education market, especially in America.

What is the difference between both tools? Live interaction between professor and student. Live learning ensures the exchange of content and ideas, increasing student's learning and feeding the tools of the professor to accomplish effective quality training.

As opposed to the traditional LMS, the student (sales force, CSR, Human Resources, Marketing, etc.) is evaluated with different exams.

The elaboration of content is another decisive factor, because live learning proposes a professional and attractive design to make every paper, video and file enlightening for the employee or student.

Live learning is positioned from another place in academic education. The present and future of training and the great challenge lies in translating "learning as inspiration for growth".

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