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Some changes in Campus

We want to tell you that we implemented a new version of Wormhole Campus soon. We improve our store to bring you more visually, navigable and reachable courses.

Image for each course

Larger image for each course

Today, the image next to the name of your course has a low resolution (70x70 pixels). We would like to give more prominence to that image, so that it can help you to identify your courses and distinguish them. That's why we need you to replace the image with a higher resolution one. Yes! We are aware of the extra work it may involve, but it will make your courses look much better. The recommended size is 1200x600 pixels, in JPG or a similar format.

Searching for courses

Search for courses

The store has been redesigned with a more "e-commerce" format. How did we do this? By improving the browser so that users can quickly find the courses they are searching for and adjusting our changes to new market trends. Besides, you will be able to create categories to later assign them to your courses and careers. Thus, users will easily find what they are looking for.

Log In

New Log In

You will see that the log in function is no longer on the column at the right of the screen, but at the top with the "log in" button.


New location for news

We have also decided to remove them from the right column and place them at the top. Between "log in" and "language" there is a "megaphone" where you will find all the news about the course.

Social Networks

Social Networks for your Campus

You may enter your general administration panel and add your links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even to your own web page. Those links will be visible throughout the entire platform at the bottom of the page, and that will help you to make your users become part of your community and, at the same time, to feed it with more course-related content.


Laguages for your campus

You will be able to choose between the four languages available for your platform.

We love teaching with the best technology. We are inspired by your growth and we are convinced that our evolution turns you into a different player in the online education field.

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