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10 reasons to use Live Learning

Live Learning is a new method through which companies can train their employees, interact with their customers, get in contact with people or even enlarge their business opportunities. Below, we'll analyze the 10 main reasons why a company needs to have a Live Learning plan.

  • 1 All your employees can be trained at the same time, no matter where they are.
  • 2 A career path can be offered in just one platform, for any area of study you wish to widen.
  • 3 Using Live Learning service, your company can contact and train customers in the use of your products and/or services.
  • 4 Free courses can be offered to employees and family members, boosting the internal and semi-internal culture of the company.
  • 5 A human resource can be allocated to the coordination of career paths and trainings.
  • 6 No matter the money available, a separate Marketing and Sales strategy can be developed.
  • 7 Your sales force can be transversely trained, increasing the company's turnover.
  • 8 Through a Live Learning platform, the company has direct access to their main target, so feedback may be immediate.
  • 9 By training employees and representatives through Live Learning, 70% of travel costs and time can be improved.
  • 10 A new business unit can be incorporated, offering paid courses on your area of expertise, recovering the annual investment in 3 months.

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