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Companies all around the world use their budgets allocated to training for different areas. Occupational risks lead the chart: 33% of the companies use Live Learning to train their employees on the dangers they are exposed to during working hours. Investment in prevention has proven to be much lesser than expenses related to work accidents.

Apart from that, 23% of companies make use of virtual education to carry out induction for their new employees. For those organizations with high rotation and employees located in different regions, online induction courses are extremely necessary to speed up the internal processes that go hand-in-hand with the business objective.

Other activities performed through Live Learning are language courses, leadership and soft skills courses for middle-ranking executives and updates for sales people and technicians. This is possible because online learning platforms offers the possibility to take up different courses in accordance with the levels or needs of each group in particular, while being all coordinated from the same virtual training center.

Likewise, among the diverse tools applied in online education, it can be said that 73% of the companies use workshops or group tasks, almost the same amount carry out role playing exercises and use archive material, interactive webinars, forums, chats and material taken from the Internet such as pieces of news or videos.

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