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Live Learning vs. Open Source LMS

Since some years, LMS (Learning Management Systems) used in distance education programs are putting aside the traditional e-learning methods based on open-source systems, like Moodle, to adopt virtual education platforms that may be managed by the end user. In this way, they do not depend on a programmer to implement the open-source tool and to adapt it to the training final needs.

New virtual education platforms that carry the Live Learning flag are based on the interaction between participants and trainers, leaving aside the concept of traditional LMS, which main purpose is to share contents.

On the other side, many companies and educational institutions are changing to Live Learning since they can import all the available contents for traditional classes or this one can be prepared by the appointed professor. Live Learning enables to upload contents such as PDF, Office package files, images, videos, external links and other formats, both in the virtual classroom for online classes and in the asynchronous management platform.

According to the experts, in order to use the systems of open-source e-learning like Moodle, it is necessary to have someone experienced to implement and set the code according to the defined objective, and that is why many companies base their business objective on the deployment of these LMS systems, when in fact, the only thing that they do is to reproduce the same task over and over again.

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