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As you already know, we launched the new version of our virtual rooms, which features echo cancellation. It is no longer necessary to use headsets to avoid echo in your audio transmissions when using Wormhole Live Learning Platform.

The new rooms have been developed with HTML5, a new technology which allows us to obtain a faster and lighter product, that gives us the possibility of adding new functions necessary to improve your online classes and live transmissions, which will also be available in a few months.

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The completely renewed interface improves the user's experience, so the virtual rooms of Wormhole are even more intuitive and easy to useallowing, among other things, to enlarge the screen to full screen. Also, we have improved the verification of log in requirements to enter the rooms, quickly detecting if the user is ready to log in or if his device needs any adjustment.

The renewed products are available in its Beta version so that you can try it and tell us what you think. From now on, when you log in again, you will have the option to try the new room or keep using the former version. As it is a completely new product, it may contain some errors, so your comments are very important to make the final adjustments. If you find any, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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