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What is a webinar useful for?

A webinar is a methodology which began to be used some years ago to offer online mass classes for hundreds of people simultaneously. Its name derives from the merge of the words "web" and "seminar".

Its uses vary depending on the objective. Let's mention some of them:

  • You can organize a webinar to teach good practices of your business area or to explain the cares consumers must have for the product to function in excellent conditions.
  • Also, you can organize an online conference to explain the new uses of your product, apart from the main use known by the public at large.
  • Another option is to carry out activities of communication with customers. For example, you can invite some experts to give their opinions on their area of expertise, or make a debate on any topic related to the objective of the organization and transmit it through the Internet.
  • The professional update meetings are a new area to be covered by webinars: you can call speakers from different parts of the world and transmit it for thousands of users simultaneously through the Internet, no matter where they are.

Also, some aspects need to be taken into account for a successful webinar:

  • To specifically define the purpose of the webinar and its desired audience. And, then, the type of activity and the speakers should be defined taking into account those aspects.
  • It's important to make a good previous marketing campaign, at least 2 weeks in advance if it is a free activity and 4 weeks if it is paid. Also, take into account where it will be announced according to the desired audience.
  • The organizer will send the access links to the participants and speakers with details of the date, time and latitude, for example: Tuesday, August 5 | 4pm (GMT -3 Argentina).
  • We also advice to prepare the documents to be projected on the board with enough time and verify their correct visualization before the online class begins.
  • Last but not least, the lighting of the place where the webinar will be transmitted should be checked as well as the correct functioning of the camera and microphone. Likewise, the ambient noise that may distract the participant should also be considered.

To learn more about the webinars, you can download the e-book esign and implementation strategies for online events. Also, in our YouTube channelyou will find some webinars we have made as an example.

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