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Recommendations to take online exams in your Live Learning courses

One of the main advantages of offering online courses and training from a Live Learning platform is that interactivity as well as independence among participants are maintained. Each student can move on at their own pace with compulsory readings and exams, since the system allows them to progress as activities are completed.

Some recommendations to improve your evaluations in your virtual courses are presented below:

  • Online exams must have multiple choice or true/false answers to facilitate the process; such as definitions to choose the correct answer or precise exercises to select the result.
  • Another method of taking personalized examinations is to hold individual face-to-face meetings with students through the virtual classroom. This is convenient when there are few participants and technical knowledge as well as skills and competencies need to be evaluated.
  • A very frequent method of evaluation is the execution of practical assignments with group presentations in front of the other participants of the course. In this case, the student must thoroughly develop a topic and share it with his peers so that everybody can learn from his own experience. A recommended task is to assign the student under examination to handle a two-sheet summary to his partners and then take a short quiz about that information. This way everybody can learn about different topics and collaborate among each other.

As regards online exams, we present Wormhole Campus version 7.5.0 with news on the evaluation section:

  • Now, the administrator or instructor can set up whether the questions are displayed all together or separated.
  • Also, they can set up the questions to be displayed in the current order or at random, thus generating infinite different exams.
  • Lastly, the possibility to set up if participants can change their names, surnames or e-mail on the exam has also been added.

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