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Caso de estudio: CNP Assurances

"The most apparent benefit is the reduction of travel and accommodation costs, because they translate into an immediate decrease in costs."

Wormhole presents a series of case studies about our customer's use of the platform. The first publication presents the case of CNP Assurances, described by its Head of Marketing, Marcelo Prekajac. The insurance company uses Wormhole Campus to train its business representatives scattered across the different cities of Argentina, who would otherwise be impossible to regularly gather together.

The most apparent benefit that Prekajac mentioned is the reduction of travel and accommodation costs, because they have been translated into an immediate decrease in costs since the company began training through the platform more than 40 insurance brokers scattered across the entire country.

Training their Insurance Brokers with Wormhole Campus allows CNP Assurances to have a continual contact with them, and thus receive permanent information and a unified message. Furthermore, they can interact and exchange experiences through the virtual classroom, which are then replicated along and across the country.

For more information about the case of this company, please download the complete document.

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