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Why does my company need its own virtual academy?

Business training is a continuous process which must be set out according to the real needs and general objectives of each business, through the development of skills and knowledge which would help the employee in his daily tasks, in a way that he can improve its performance and grow inside the company.

Many companies in Latin America are already implementing courses in their own virtual academy, concentrating the overall management of business training from just one place. Cloud computing tools allow joining together the entire training, and even continuously evaluating the effectiveness of participants.

Among the diversity of activities than can be carried out with distance training platforms, companies make induction plans for new employees, software or machinery technical updates, implementation of IRAM or ISO regulations, language courses, and many other apps from the virtual academy. No matter where the employees are located, companies can join together all their trainings, saving up to 75% in travel and logistics costs.

On the other hand, some organizations implement their own virtual academy to carry out branding actions with consumers, developing marketing and communication strategies within the training platforms. Thus, thanks to the interactivity offered by these platforms, they seek to make the clients aware of the good practices in the use of the products.

In order to do this, they offer free open courses to the community in which they put forward recommendations to improve life quality, within the sphere of the activity of the company. This is the case of the computer security company ESET, which encourages the community to take courses on the precautions users must have while surfing the Internet, protecting their equipment to the maximum.