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How to prepare a successful online class?

One thing that could define the success of an online class, is dedicate time to preparation, which also make it more fluent and amused. Wormhole wants to share with you some items you should have in mind for an success online class.

Before the class:

  • Be sure that your webcam and mic work correctly and check the volume.
  • Find a stable Internet connection. In case your connection is not so good, be sure that you do not have any other program open.
  • Prepare the scene: choose a place with good light and be sure that nothing on the screen distract the public.
  • Noise rejection: choose a quiet place, no pets, away from street noises and functional music. It is also important to leave away cell phones to avoid interference.
  • Have everything you need on your hand, and upload to the platform every document you will share in the class.
  • The visual presentation should be short and concise.
  • Evaluate the audience to find common points between them and choose the best examples for all of them.
  • Make a conceptual map with main topics, to use it as a guide for the speaker and for the audience.
  • When you send the invitation link, you should:
    • Attach an instructive for first time users.
    • Include time zone

During the class:

  • Do not forget to keep correct posture, smile and gesticulate, in the same way you do in presential class.
  • Talk slow and peaceful. A comfortable place help you to be calm.
  • Is useful to divide the presentation in 3 blocks:
    • Introduction: personal presentation and main topics
    • Detail explanation
    • Close: summary of the presentation, highlight most important items.

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