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Mobile education in Latin America

Online education is a way to bring equal learning opportunities for those who are away from big cities, in Latin America, or anywhere in the world, and want to keep growing and advancing in their formation process despite of their geographical location.

As for mobile education, Latin America is one of the main regions to incorporate this technology due to the quick adoption of smartphones and tablets, connected through 3G networks or WiFi. Tablets are expected to increase about 36% worldwide, but this prediction is almost double for some regions of Latin America, according to a study by IntegraGO.

Companies are trying to keep up to date with technological advances and market trends. Many are including native mobile training platforms such as Wormhole Campus into their training programs. This allows them to take complete courses and classes from anywhere, from any mobile device. In these classes both trainers and trainees can use live audio and video, allowing dynamic classes, easier interaction to explain complex concepts or to dissipate doubts, just as in a regular classroom.

According to a recent study published by Carrier and Associates on tablet users, these devices are used as communication and socialization tools. Users also mention the portability and ease of access to applications and tasks as the main advantages. In these context, online education from mobile devices in Latin America has a growth of 32.5%, being one of the regions where these technologies are growing faster.

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